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  • Free URL Builder for Google Analytics (GA) - I’ve always spoken highly of Raven Tools and their product offering but to be completely honest with you the RT that I’m most fond of is a small one page Google Analytics URL builder. It’s 100% free of charge that I have used hundreds of times due to it’s simplicity. Need to generate custom campaign parameters for ... [Read more...]
  • The Swiss Army Knife of SEO - I’ve been asked on several occasions what my favorite off-site SEO tool is. Scrape Box is the winner, hands down. Here’s a short list of features: Search Engine Scraper Keyword Scraper Domain Availability Comment Scraper YouTube Downloader Phone Number Scraper Fast Blog Poster Proxy Harvester Webpage Meta Scraper RSS Feed Creator Name & Email Generator Contact ... [Read more...]
  • Don’t Make Lead Nurturing So Obvious - Marketing automation is a great thing. A wonderful thing. A huge time saver for marketing managers everywhere. And if you’re a potential client who’s honestly interested in a product or service… lead nurturing specifically can serve as a great reminder. A true win/win for all of us involved. Because of this, being the recipient of a ... [Read more...]
  • Is BigCommerce Worth It? - Is their platform perfect? No. But their servers have excellent up time and they have a great base feature set. In fact, they have features that many enterprise solutions still do not offer without customization. I can’t speak for all shopping cart platforms. I can only speak for (and vouch for) those that I’ve used. That ... [Read more...]
  • Death to the Stock Photo - If you’re in need of high quality stock photography (and are on a limited to zero $ budget) Death to the Stock Photo is an excellent option. DTTSP offers up a free .zip of photos for your creative needs on a monthly basis. This approach can be hit or miss as to whether the current pack will ... [Read more...]