Free URL Builder for Google Analytics (GA)

I’ve always spoken highly of Raven Tools and their product offering but to be completely honest with you the RT that I’m most fond of is a small one page Google Analytics URL builder. It’s 100% free of charge that I have used hundreds of times due to it’s simplicity.

Need to generate custom campaign parameters for your URLs? This tool makes it as painless as possible!

Google Analytics URL Builder

The Swiss Army Knife of SEO

The Swiss Army Knife of SEO

I’ve been asked on several occasions what my favorite off-site SEO tool is. Scrape Box is the winner, hands down.

Here’s a short list of features:

  • Search Engine Scraper
  • Keyword Scraper
  • Domain Availability
  • Comment Scraper
  • YouTube Downloader
  • Phone Number Scraper
  • Fast Blog Poster
  • Proxy Harvester
  • Webpage Meta Scraper
  • RSS Feed Creator
  • Name & Email Generator
  • Contact Form Submitter
  • Manual Blog Poster
  • Email Scraper
  • RSS Submit
  • Create Sitemaps
  • Platform Popularity
  • Bulk Image Downloader

Also known as the swiss army knife of SEO- with a little bit of ingenuity, these features can accomplish damn near any off-site search engine optimization task.

Not bad for a one-time price tag of $97 😉


Don’t Make Lead Nurturing So Obvious

Don't make lead nurturing so obvious

Marketing automation is a great thing. A wonderful thing. A huge time saver for marketing managers everywhere. And if you’re a potential client who’s honestly interested in a product or service… lead nurturing specifically can serve as a great reminder. A true win/win for all of us involved.

Because of this, being the recipient of a lead nurturing campaign doesn’t typically bother me. Except for when the nurturing process is completely obvious, unoriginal, and/or emails are sent within too short of a time frame (I was recently bombarded with four emails in one day!).

When creating a lead nurturing campaign in <insert Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, etc here>, utilize original messaging, be genuine, and look at the drip timeline from the perspective of a prospective customer instead of spamming their inbox with generic pitch after pitch x pitch.

Is BigCommerce Worth It?

Is BigCommerce Worth It?

Is their platform perfect? No. But their servers have excellent up time and they have a great base feature set. In fact, they have features that many enterprise solutions still do not offer without customization.

I can’t speak for all shopping cart platforms. I can only speak for (and vouch for) those that I’ve used. That said, I’ve used every plan that BigCommerce has offered over the last five years. It has been a real pleasure to watch their platform, team, and offerings continue to grow.

So… Is BigCommerce worth it? Unfortunately I can’t definitively answer this question because every online retail setup and leadership team is unique. Ultimately it’s up to you to do your due diligence, research several solutions, and find the platform that best fits your needs. That said- in my opinion, BigCommerce is a solid choice for most small and medium sized businesses looking to launch their online retail store or migrate from an older platform.

p.s. During your research phase, don’t fall for marketing hype. If they are worth their salt, an SMB ecommerce platform will offer you a free trial. If you have the skills build a prototype of your store on several platforms. Then test, break, and test again. Ship a fake order. Refund a fake customer. Test, break, and test again. Be sure to do this because migrating to a new platform a year later can be a major headache.

Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the stock photo

If you’re in need of high quality stock photography (and are on a limited to zero $ budget) Death to the Stock Photo is an excellent option. DTTSP offers up a free .zip of photos for your creative needs on a monthly basis. This approach can be hit or miss as to whether the current pack will be useful for any of your projects… but hey they are high quality and the price is right 😉