Many years ago (especially in digital years) I mustered up enough motivation to study for and obtain the Google Analytics IQ certification. GA IQ has long since come and gone but one thing remains- my long running admiration and appreciation for Urchin -> GA -> Universal Analytics -> and now GA4.

Now that Universal Analytics has a retirement date (ok… so maybe it has for a while now) I decided it was due time that I rally once again and obtain the latest and greatest Google Analytics certification.

Admittedly, this exam went significantly smoother than expected. It had the same feels as the previous exam, a 90 minute timed multiple choice through their testing platform that requires 80%+ correct answers to pass. Not bad. To my surprise, I hit 100% correct. Not bad again.

Either the questions weren’t very difficult or I spend far too much time in Google Analytics. Either way, I’m happy and after enjoying the moment I’m on to the next challenge: Google BigQuery.